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Delos, the island of the gods. Architecture is arranged and distribute by taking in consideration the terrain undulation, mutual environment, sequence and space. Many axes overlap and the cities are not determined from the road, but from the architectural relationship between each other. The city axis and sequence are explored and point to the Zeus temple on the top of a small hill that can be seen from anywhere in the city, lowland composed with ponds and lush greenery; politics and discussion center near the port, Agora marks the exquisite axis and encloses the space. The photo shows the Egyptian Isis temple and Syrian gods on the hillside, with respect and proper arrangement. The bustle at that time revives in front of you. We must imagine a city of farewell. #architecture #greecearchitecture

I once saw the painting Norham Castle, Sunrise, by Joseph Mallord William Turner, at an art museum. I still remember the emotion and impact I felt at the time. Suddenly, the scene of Norham Castle near the banks of the River Tweed in northern England unfurled before my eyes. The landscape—with its extraordinary sense of depth, its terrain where the castle remains stood, and its cow bent over the water—drew me in. The sheen on the water, the movement of the clouds, the passage of the time…I felt every element of the scene as if I were experiencing it directly. I have experienced it realistically last week. Of couse there were no cow, but I could feel the passage of the time.

The new complex for Baikogakuin University “The Learning Station CROSSLIGHT” located in the province of Yamaguchi, Shimonoseki city has gradually becoming visible. The production of the furniture will start from now, and the design was made by inter.office. With 365 different chair designs, the idea is to propose daily experiments with the furniture. On March 31st a tour in the facilities will be kindly held by Baikogakuin University. #architecture #japanesearchitects #architect #tetsuokoboriarchitects

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