Tetsuo Kobori



The fear of eternity

I look up at the giant statue of Ramses II from below. The muscular arm and the powerful calf, the gaze watching far of the statue are intriguing. The Temple of Abu Simbel was built by Ramses II and is a rock cave temple made of hollowed out sandstone, also known as “Nubian Ruins”. On the almost square facade, there is a statue of a giant god sitting on four chairs, one of which is Ramses II. Since I came to Egypt, my image of the Egyptian gods changed little by little, and I began to think that architecture began with the fear of human eternity.

Once inside the temple that is dyed in golden and pink, probably because of the color of sandstone, the space is designed to force visitors to pass by the statue of Ramses II, pass through three spaces, and reach the final space. I guess that the composition that converges into a small space as I go deep is because I think that a small place is suitable as a place to protect the king from fear.