Tetsuo Kobori



Minami Soma City Fire And Natural Disaster Prevention Center

Minami Soma City Fire And Natural Disaster Prevention Center
  • Location : Fukushima, japan
  • Year : 2015
  • Category : Fire Station
  • Structure : Steel
  • Structural Engineer : Arup
  • MEP Engineer : EOS plus
  • Construction : Sekiba Corporation
  • Exhibition Design : Tetsuo Kobori Architects, Nagayama Architect Office, NOMURA Co.,Ltd., Musegram, mume design
  • Photographer : Takahiro Arai, Shin Photo Work
  • Architect : Tetsuo Kobori Architects + Nagayama Architect Office

‘Past’, ‘Present’, and ‘Future’ Towards Reconstruction

Combining the functions of the fire department and the regional fire headquarters, Minamisoma City Reconstruction No. 1 Public Building. Minamisoma City is one of the municipalities that was damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake, and its citizens still feel the sadness of that day even now. For this reason, this center, which plays an important role as a disaster prevention education base for the region, should become a place in which citizens can place their hopes long into the future.

The three-floored open ceiling space that serves as a center for both functions was designed to hold symbolic significance as the heart of the center. This space is intended to be a disaster prevention education zone to be used by the citizens. The central top light and the organic spiral structure with their symbolic rise and spatial freedom invite people to climb the stairs.

When the meaning and value gained from ‘architectural space experience’ and ‘exhibition space experience’ are elevated together, the impression left on people becomes deeper. We hope that elementary school students and visitors from all over Japan and the rest of the world can recall the memory of the earthquake disaster and gain a new hope and courage.