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TECTURE MAGにてインタビュー記事が公開されております。



Part 1:https://mag.tecture.jp/product/20230228-83911/

Part 2:https://mag.tecture.jp/product/20230228-83942/


Kobori’s interview is now on TECTURE MAG which is about Panasonic’s architectural products and materials.

Kobori visited the showroom to see the products and reviewed how they could be incorporated into next-generation public facilities and offices.

The company’s unique perspective and ideas, developed over many years of involvement in the housing business, are utilized in their products.

The interview is available on TECTURE MAG.

Please take a look.


Part 1:https://mag.tecture.jp/product/20230228-83911/

Part 2:https://mag.tecture.jp/product/20230228-83942/

大和ハウスグループ みらい価値共創センター「コトクリエ」が、アメリカの国際建築賞「IDA 2022」を受賞しました

大和ハウスグループ みらい価値共創センター「コトクリエ」が、アメリカの国際建築賞「IDA(International Design Award)2022」において、銀賞を受賞いたしました。



We are honored to share that Daiwa House Group MIRAI KACHI KYOSO Center “Kotokurie” won IDA (International Design Awards) 2022.

The award consists of five categories: architecture, interior, product, fashion, and graphic, and each year entries are selected from all over the world.

This is the third time that Kotokurie has received an award, following the Wood Design Award and the Nikkei New Office Award.



弊社が設計を担当した「CIC Tokyo」では、クリエーションバウマン社のファブリックを採用させていただいており、そのエピソードもお話ししております。





・CIC Tokyo:http://tk-a.jp/works/article/1357


Kobori’s interview is now on Creation Baumann, a Swiss interior fabric manufacturer’s website.

The interview includes an episode about the use of Creation Baumann fabrics in the “CIC Tokyo” project that we designed for the company.

Please take a look on YouTube to watch the interview.




・CIC Tokyo:http://tk-a.jp/works/article/1357

大和ハウスグループ みらい価値共創センター「コトクリエ」が、第35回 日経ニューオフィス賞 ニューオフィス推進賞 近畿ニューオフィス推進賞を受賞しました

大和ハウスグループ みらい価値共創センター「コトクリエ」が、第35回 日経ニューオフィス賞 ニューオフィス推進賞 近畿ニューオフィス推進賞<近畿経済産業局長賞>を受賞しました。ありがとうございます。


We are happy to share that Daiwa House Group MIRAI KACHI KYOSO Center “Kotokurie” won “Kansai Bureau Director of Economy,Trade and Industry Award” of Kinki New Office Promotion Category of New Office Promotion Category at the 35th Nikkei New Office Award. Thank you.





第三回 法匠祭を開催いたします

 2022年11月23日(水・祝)に、アーツ千代田3331にて、第三回 法匠祭を開催いたします。



当日は、堀越 ふみ江氏をスピーカーに迎えた特別講演会や、富永 讓氏と堀越 ふみ江氏による対談(小堀がファシリテーターを務めます)をはじめ、現役学生作品のディスカッションなど、さまざまな催しを企画しております。


  • 日時:11月 23 日(水・祝) 12:00〜17:30
  • 会場:3331 Arts Chiyoda(東京都千代田区外神田6-11-14)
  • 参加費:無料
  • 詳細・申込:


On Wednesday, 23rd November, Hoshosai will be held at 3331 Arts Chiyoda.

Hoshosai is an annual festival planned and held by the Hosei University Department of Architecture Alumni Association to revitalize alumni activities.

The festival is open not only to students and alumni of Hosei University’s Department of Architecture, but also to a wide range of people who has an interest in architecture. You can also participate online, so please feel free to join us.

Variety of events are planned for the day, including a special lecture by Fumie Horikoshi as a speaker, a dialogue between Yuzuru Tominaga and Fumie Horikoshi (facilitated by Kobori), and a discussion of current students’ works and so on.


・Date and Time: Wednesday, 23rd November from 0pm to 5.30pm

・Place: 3331 Arts Chiyoda (6-11-14 Sotokanda Chiyoda Tokyo)

・Admission Free

・Details and Application: https://hoshosai2022.peatix.com/


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