Tetsuo Kobori



Seagram Building

Seagram Building

Seagram Building


この建築は色がいいです。周りには模倣のデザインがいっぱいあるが、オリジナルに勝る存在感のビルはなし。他にあるのは、paley park (思っていた以上に良い空間、滝の音がNYの喧騒を打ち消します)、MoMa (思っていた以上に中庭が良かった)、grand stationなど。

 Lying on top of the immaculate stones of side of pond and looking at the sky, I can understand the special nature of this spatiality.
The subtlety of the mosaic tile pilotis ceiling, the pillars and spandrels, details of travertine and brass ironware that you want to keep on caressing will probably become new classics in like 100 years from now.

This construction has a nice color. Even though there are lots of imitative designs around, there is no building with a presence superior to the original.
There are paley park(The sound of the waterfall counteracts the hustle and bustle of NY), MoMa and grand station near here.