Tetsuo Kobori




今回の最終審査会は、小堀哲夫建築設計事務所で設計した、奈良の大和ハウスグループみらい価値共創センター コトクリエで実施。すでに参加者募集は締め切らせていただいておりますが、小堀による施設案内ツアーも開催される予定です。
大和ハウスグループみらい価値共創センター コトクリエ:https://www.daiwahouse.co.jp/kotokurie/
The final screening of the special program will be held on 5th December, 2021 which is hosted by Rikkyo University Social Design Lab. and DAIWA HOUSE INDUSTRY CO., LTD..
In this October, various guest teachers participated a midterm presentation and Kobori gave a lecture at there.
This time, at the final screening will be at Daiwa House Group MIRAI KACHI KYOSO Center “Kotokurie” which is designed by Tetsuo Kobori Architects. Although the application for participants is already closed, Kobori will guide around Kotokurie for participants.
Daiwa House Group MIRAI KACHI KYOSO Center “Kotokurie”:https://www.daiwahouse.co.jp/English/kotokurie/