Tetsuo Kobori








1884年から2018年までこの場所にあった最初のべにや旅館の火災の後、建築家の小堀哲夫氏がその跡地にモダンな旅館を再建しました。光風湯圃べにや(Beniya Kofuyuden)は現代的な技術と美学を取り入れながらも、伝統的な姿に畏敬の念とまで言えるほどの敬意を込めています。建物のレイアウトは風を導き自然な涼しさをもたらすデザインで、あわら温泉の湯は大浴場と客室の浴槽や床暖房にも使われています。伝統的な懐石料理はもちろんのこと、季節には地元で水揚げされた越前蟹が味わえます。


Beniya, a hot spring inn in Awara, Fukui Prefecture, designed by Tetsuo Kobori Architects, has been selected in the Michelin Guide for hotels. Congratulations!



—The following is from the Michelin Guide

The original Beniya stood on this site from 1884 to 2018; after a fire, architect Tetsuo Kobori was tapped to construct a modern ryokan as its replacement. Thus Beniya Kofuyuden pays respectful, even reverent tribute to the traditions of the form even as it incorporates contemporary techniques and aesthetic preferences. The building’s layout was selected to capture the breeze, for natural cooling, while Awara’s hot springs feed the onsen’s communal baths as well as the in-room tubs, and even the underfloor heating. And the traditional kaiseki dinner is present as a matter of course; when in season, the local snow crab features prominently.