Tetsuo Kobori



旧金比羅金丸座建築/The Old Konpira Oshibai Kabuki Theater (Kanamaruza)



浅石さんが一階の升席を予約してくれ真正面のとってもいい席。さすがです。拍子木が鳴り始めした!あんまと泥棒 鷺娘 玩辞楼十二曲の上封印切。

After hearing the story of Akira Kinoshita’s “Playhouse Series”, I got curious about the architecture of the old Konpira Kanamaru-za. A three-story wooden structure for which the amount of light is adjusted with the Shoji windows of the high-side light and sliding wooden shutters.

 In this Grand Kabuki Theatre available only for the period when season offers good , there are box seats are super-tight and without any passage, bamboos’ grapevine treillis, and a side door entrance.
The seats booked was a box seats on the first floor, with a very nice seat right in front of the stage. That’s awesome. Wooden clappers start to play their music. The Masseur and the Thief, Heron maiden, first part of the “Fuin Giri” (breaking of seals) in the 12 roles of Ganjiro .