Tetsuo Kobori






The space is “holding”.
It is not about putting aside (or complementing) ordinariness to get into extraordinariness, but having internal extraordinariness. Perhaps a Cha-shitsu(Japanese tea‐ceremony room) would be the kind of architecture in order to boost spirit’s extraordinariness by its space.
I believe that people had a sharper sensibility in the Momoyama period compare with modern people.

Hang Dau Water Tank

Hang Dau Water Tank


Suddenly the French colonial period’s water supply tower appeared.
There are large span arches in three layers which were just for practical architectural purpose at that time. It is ruined now, but it looks like the remains of the Roman times. That’s awesome.

昭和学園高等学校/Showa Gakuen High School




Shouwa Gakuen High School was published in Modern Architecture Magazine October issue.

Transform subjective learning into a space. The creative ways of using it are wonderful.
Each time when students pass through it every day, they have encounters with different rays of light and different people, then graduate. In the first place, although its functionality is in theory to provide features of a library and a self-study space, what you will find there is students and teachers using it efficiently in various ways.
Also from now on I would like to make possible a spatialization that allows to realize  newly-born experiences, with different activities and studies changing together with the passage of time.  
For me, evening moments are really magical and recommended

アスプルンドの建築に想う/Feeling about Asplund’s architecture






The enthusiasm of peoples who creates architectures is beyond the race, language, and times.
Architecture gives me a sense of comfort and stimulates my inspiration. 
I thought the one thing different from many architectures is to try to design perceptively.

Perception of people its in light, shape, field and type.There are windows which give us homage for beautiful scenery , Stairs and slopes implicate sensible things,Handles and handrails which are easy to grab,Pavements which lead us gently, the fireplace with full of wild taste, Heart shape clock, Quiet courtyard, Pews which relieve sorrow,Sanctuary of Children, Beautiful lamps and beautiful solid wood furniture.

It’s not a design as an expression, it is asking for the quality of respect and affection for the whole human being.I could feel his humor, honesty and freedom.
Its delicate detail was coming from his delicate character.
It is also the proof of devotion for architecture with all his heart and soul.

建築と自然の最適解/The optimal solution








In 2011, there was an earthquake.

When I think about the people who suddenly lost everything due to the forces of nature, my thoughts are like suspended no matter what.
For example, if the Great Kanto Earthquake would occurred in Tokyo tomorrow, I can not imagine how I could live without my family, house, and city.When I am confronted to the fact that completely wiped out by natural disaster, I am not sure that I can keep the sanity. 

Usually, we live unconsciously avoiding the thoughts we do not need to have. We cannot live without avoiding them, as we do not think about the fact that “death” inevitably awaits all human beings in the end, and that it may be tomorrow. 

In fact, I think that designing architecture is to think of the things that you do not have to think about on behalf of people.
Of course there are architectural rules at the base, such as cost, techniques, demands, personal preferences, and other aspects that we must considered as experts, however, when it comes to questions like “what is the meaning of life?”, “what is happiness?”, and “what is nature?” , I think that it is searching through planning and design.

If you believe that humans, animals and insects are part of nature, I can understand. But what about architecture.
It is not something separated from nature, and you can imagine it if you have in mind the Japanese house as it used to be, the optimal solution with natural materials, land, climate and culture was architecture.
Such optimal solutions were not something that appeared immediately, but as we have now experienced an architecture that broke up with nature through the era of modern architecture, it is necessary to create new optimal solutions with nature once again.

 Recently, although there are many designs from research institutes, and various kinds of requests from clients, the research is inherently separated from economic activities and productivity, thinking of the things you do not have to think about, aiming up to the point where it will return ultimately to economic activities. All along I have been thinking about what could be the architecture created from such research. The things thought there actually are also the optimum solution for nature and human beings.I’m very excited about the fact that such architecture are being made right now.

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